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    Saraha I'm so impressed with these under eye patches! Lresults moukhifin ktiirr khafo lbags , lsawed te2riban khtafa. Se3roun ktirrr mnih bel nesbe lal effectiveness w ktirr hayen este3meloun. Highly recommended!

    Eyeglam under eye patches have become my go-to solution for tired eyes as a mom. They're so soothing and refreshing, and I love that I can use them anytime I need. They're a must-have for any busy mom!

    Definitely will keep buying! Jarabet kaza under eye patches w wala shi arib men Eyeglam. Mech ma32oul adeish effective w hayen este3meloun , metel lspa bel beit bya3toune 20 minutes bel nhar ehtam fiiya be hale.


    Absolutely! Our special formula is designed with no harmful chemicals especially for sensitive skins , So you can enjoy skincare with 0 worries.

    Many under eye patches are neither effective nor safe to the skin. Yet, ours are coated with the special formula that contains a mix of natural extract in additional to active ingredients to assure effectiveness & safety.

    Both Eyeglam patches have the same function of removing dark circles and puffiness , refreshing and moisturizing the skin the only difference is that the green one does these benefits with the aloe vera extract and the gold one with its gold particles.

    Patches can be applied on both sides depending on your problems . Just know that the larger part of the patches is where the serum is more concentrated.

    You bet! Just make sure to give the serum a few minutes to fully absorb into your skin before applying makeup for a flawless finish.

    We're all about instant gratification! 93% of our users see a visible improvement in the appearance of under-eye puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines after just a few uses.

    To order Eyeglam products , please visit the product page HERE to proceed .


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